i love them ♥ and busty women and babes in latex and see spreading legs ♥



This is my favorite squirt video. Because it’s adorable and awesome.

Holy fuck, what an explosion!


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She knows where it’s at

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I got an ask today from someone wondering if there was anything that was a favorite of mine to masturbate to. Now, I actually am not the sort of person who relies on some form of visual aid to get off….I’d much rather read or just listen to things if my mind is on a little bit of a fantasy-drought. 

As you guys probably know, I am a HUGE lover of all things sound-related when it comes to sex. I promise I will go into details about this one day, but for now, you will have to just take my word for it. This audio clip has been my trusty go-to aid for many years now. I am never, ever able to make it to the end of the clip. 

So, listen up. What you need to do is go somewhere quiet and private. Get into a comfortable position, clothes on or off, whatever takes your fancy. Put in some headphones (trust me, it is much better to concentrate the sound into your ears), turn the sound up, switch on the clip, close your eyes and well, you know what to do next. 

I could probably go on a whole lot about why I enjoy this clip so much. Perhaps it’s how cute her voice sounds in the beginning  but towards the end you can hear a change. Maybe it’s the actual sounds of her getting down to business. Whatever the reasons, I’m sure you will enjoy this as much as I sure do. 

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